MRC helps victims of human trafficking and other crimes by providing immigration assistance and representation for these individuals. Trafficking of persons (human trafficking) is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers lure individuals with false promises of employment and a better life. Individuals and their families may also fall victim to many other types of crimes in the United States. These crimes include rape, murder, manslaughter, domestic violence, sexual assault, and many others. Many of these victims are not able to pay filing fees to immigration or to seek a psychologist to evaluate or treat their trauma. Therefore, MRC is asking for your support so that these individuals can find legal representation and get back to their lives. 

Migration           Resource   Center

Migration Resource Center mission is to contribute to the improvement of the immigration system in the U.S through seeking justice, providing legal representation and developing educational alternatives. 

MRC determines, analyzes and represents immigration cases with expertize, compassion and clients best interests in mind. Our legal professionals have accumulated decades of experience in immigration law and they put that experience to work for our clients and their status in U.S.

MRC assures every client to act in their best interests throughout the case, maximize opportunities for success at every stage of the case and above all keep process details confidential.