No Lawyer Fee For Low-Income Immigrants

Migration Resource Center is happy to announce the launch of the Cultivating Justice: Empowering Low-Income Immigrants & Taxpayers with Legal Services & Education project. This is a grant funded opportunity for one year that aims to help low-income immigrants with three specific cases, as well as empower immigrants and taxpayers with knowledge and understanding of how to better navigate immigration and tax systems.

Low-income immigrants will be able to apply for the following cases without paying lawyer fees:*

  • Work authorization
  • Green Card renewal 
  • Citizenship

Attorney Fees vs. Government Filing Fees

Any immigration case consists usually of two types of fees: lawyer and governmental. To prepare an immigration case, it requires knowledge, time, research, documentation, translation etc. These are just a few of the things that clients pay when they pay lawyer fees. However, due to this new opportunity, low-income individuals that qualify for this project will not pay any lawyer fee. This means that the Migration Resource Center team will prepare your case and guide you in the process for free. However, each case is specific and unique, therefore, it is important to have a consultation ahead of time to see if you qualify.

Find Out If You Qualify For No Lawyer Fees or Call Today

Income Qualification Required

Migration Resource Center defines low-income based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines which take into consideration the household size versus the income.

In addition, we will organize educational activities available for anyone who is interested in learning more about the immigration and tax systems in the US. Stay tuned for more information!

Applying For Work Authorization, Green Card Renewal, or Citizenship?

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This grant-funded opportunity is possible due to support provided by the Islamic Relief USA.

*Limited time offer. Income Qualification Required. Government Fees, Medical Examination Fees, Document Fees and other processing fees apply. Contact Migration Resource Center for details (646) 609-8805.