Our Team

The Migration Resource Center team is made up of a diverse group of professionals, staff and volunteers from different backgrounds, who are dedicated to serving all clients, regardless of faith, gender, race or ethnicity. Every member of the our team is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Legal Immigration Program

Frederik Stefani - President & CEO

Frederik Stefani

President & CEO

As President & CEO Frederik has overall strategic and operational responsibility for  staff, programs, budget operations, expansion, and execution of the Migration Resource Center mission. Frederik applies his deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and business plans to daily operations.

Jessie M. Thomas | Supervising Attorney

Jessie M. Thomas

Supervising Attorney

Jessie as Supervisor Attorney handles legal cases and assists the department with providing legal representation for immigration cases, including analyzing individuals' cases, preparing applications, preparing appeals, and completing related projects and duties as assigned.

Tom De Kesel | Migration Resource Center

Tom De Kesel

Immigration Staff Attorney

Tom, as Immigration Staff Attorney, is directly involved in immigration affirmative and litigation cases. He assists staff attorneys in preparation of immigration cases, including writing legal memos, briefs, and conducting legal research.

Gerry Ruiz | Staff Attorney | Migration Resource Center

Gerry Ruiz

Staff Attorney

As a Staff Attorney, Gerry conducts legal research, writes legal arguments, and reviews foreign-language documents necessary for successful litigation. Gerry’s current and prior legal experience helps us offer an array of services to our clients.

Chanel Harris | Staff Attorney | Migration Resource Center

Chanel Harris

Staff Attorney

Chanel has a special kind of passion for immigration law as her family would not exist without immigration. She has a background in criminal law as well as family law and recently became a tax specialist. Her broad range of experience in these key areas of law is an asset to her immigration clients. She believes that the United States is the land of opportunity and she enjoys advocating for family unification.

Chanel is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology and went on to graduate from Arizona Summit Law School in 2012. She is licensed to practice law by the State of Georgia since 2013.

Amy Soloway | Immigration Counselor

Amy Soloway

Immigration Counselor

Amy, working with immigration attorneys, responsible for providing legal assistance, advice and referral to individuals and families in the area of immigration and nationality law. Advises and assists in the preparation and filing of immigration and naturalization related applications and petitions.

Carol Schepper | Immigration Paralegal | Migration Resource Center

Carol Senyszyn-Schepper

Immigration Paralegal

Conducts review and analysis of case information, and assists the attorneys with legal research, drafting legal memoranda, legal briefs, preparing court documents for filing, filing documents with the immigration court.

Alexia Carrera | Immigration Paralegal | Migration Resource Center

Alexia Carrera

Immigration Paralegal

Alexia graduated from ASU with a Bachelor's in Linguistics in 2017. She previously volunteered as a teaching assistant and a legal assistant for a local immigration nonprofit. Alexia currently helps coordinate immigration cases at the Phoenix office.

Fundraising Program

Sue Burns | Grant Writing Manager / Volunteer

Sue Burns

Grant Writing Manager / Volunteer

Sue, as Grant Writer manages Fundraising Program. She prepares grant proposals, beginning by performing research. She composes and sends proposals to potential donors and funders. Also, Sue manages volunteers, works with the executive board, planning fund-raising campaigns and promoting the organization through public relations work.

Outreach Program

Victoria Apostol-Marius | Program Coordinator

Victoria Apostol-Marius

Outreach Coordinator

Victoria, as Outreach Coordinator manages a diverse range of activities across Education and Legal Immigration programs, including grant writing and management, developing internal policies, coordinating outreach and marketing activities, and handling administrative and logistical issues.