Immigration and College Education

As jobs become more and more competitive, it has become even more challenging to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Employers look for the best candidates who often have a college degree and perhaps a masters. The United States, a desirable place to work as well as a long lasting history of having many colleges and universities have become inaccessible. While the number of immigrant students have increased so has tuition costs every year which causes hardships for many families.

The thought of college is stressful enough, however the application process causes even more angst. The college application process is not easy to understand for many. Immigrants face language barriers, fear of legal consequences, economic burdens, cultural differences, and more. Some students that are immigrants or are first generation students are not walked through the process of college. Additionally in many cases, immigrant neighborhoods have limited to no resources available at school. The only option is through outside services and attached to them is a big price tag. Many families cannot afford this option. This has caused many people to not attend college because of the lack of education and resources.

However, this should not discourage one. More than 450,000 undocumented immigrants continue into higher education. There are resources for immigrants that can be helpful when application time comes by. There are also resources for immigrants once they reach college. Many schools offer support groups for first generation students, international students, as well as, students who are seeking refuge. Below are some resources for applying to college.

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Additional Resources:

Here are some resources for applying to universities as an undocumented immigrant:

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