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Presentations & Workshops

Migration Resource Center through Education program provides workshops and presentations on a wide range of immigration topics. These programs bring together clients, institutions and experts on various immigration matters. Through these channels we educate the public about these important issues and also engage them in open discussion to learn more about immigrant integration, workshops for educators and researchers. To request Migration Resource Center to participate at your institution for presentations or seminars, please contact us through our contact page information or send an email.

Citizenship Classes

The US naturalization process includes a test administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. Citizenship classes at Migration Resource Center assist naturalization seekers in successful completion of this test. This course familiarizes them with US history, prepares them for the testing experience, and aids ESL students who may need general language help.

Our personnel have substantial experience in the naturalization process and we can help you navigate and overcome barriers to citizenship. We are determined to protect your rights and to serve all your immigration needs.

If you are interested, please contact Migration Resource Center through our contact page information or send an email for more details.

Citizenship Classes | Migration Resource Center

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Taxpayer Workshop | Migration Resource Center

Low-Income Taxpayer Workshops

These workshops are available for qualified income-eligible
taxpayers, helping them learn about taxpayer rights and responsibilities.

Our low-income taxpayer workshops focus on:

  • How to keep account of taxes
  • How to pay taxes
  • Where and how to get legal help at low or no cost

Learn more about our Low-Income Taxpayer Workshop and how you can book your free spot today.

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