MRC Reaching Out to Consulates

In an effort to reach out to immigrants most in need of Migration Resource Center’s services, Executive Director Frederik Stefani and Outreach Coordinator Angela Ju have begun meeting with officers at various consular offices in New York. These meetings include discussions about how best to reach the nationals of the respective countries in Staten Island and the New York Metropolitan Area and how MRC and the Consulates might work together.

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Alvaro Rodrigo Pinilla R., the Consul General of Bolivia in New York, came to MRC’s office, to meet with Stefani and Ju. This talk resulted in an Memorandum of Understanding, the first draft of which was sent to the Consul General on Monday, May 8.

On Tuesday, May 2, Stefani and Ju met with Eugene Ng, Consul, at the Singaporean Consulate.

The following day, they and MRC Immigration Assistant Leslie Garcia met with Alexia Nunez Bachmann (Consul for Community Affairs) and Johannes Jacome Cid (Consul of Protection Affairs) at the Mexican Consulate. This discussion will result in a proposal to collaborate with the Mexican Consulate to provide Migratory diagnoses and “Know Your Rights” workshops.

On Tuesday, May 9, Stefani and Ju met with Rolando Madrigal (Consul General) at the Costa Rican Consulate, where they had a fruitful discussion about MRC’s future participation in the Costa Rican Consulate’s “Mobile Consulate” events in New Jersey.