My MRC Internship Story

By Kristine Suarez, Summer Intern 2019

As I turned on my laptop and checked my emails, I was disappointed to see an empty inbox. Having just graduated from college a few months prior, I embarked on a journey to find a job; filling in endless applications, writing countless cover letters and revising my resume weekly. I graduated from CUNY City College with a Psychology degree, while I originally wanted to go to Occupational School post-graduation. I found myself in a different place, I decided to pursue a career in nonprofit instead. I wasn’t sure where to begin, how can I potentially relate my experience in the medical field into nonprofit? Regardless, I was determined to make this leap, so I did. When I stumbled upon Migration Resource Center, I read the mission and I knew right away I wanted to be apart of the organization. I have always had an interest and greatly resonated with immigration. I took a few courses in college on the topic and it fostered my interests further. 

On my first day as an intern, I remembered feeling both exhilarated and challenged. Over the next four months, I was assigned an array of projects; I worked under the Development, Outreach, and Grants programs. It was my job to introduce new ideas and boost the presence of MRC in the community. I’ve always considered myself as a friendly and out-going person, and I certainly was put to the test. I began to coordinate and participate in events on behalf of the MRC, where I learned how to market not only the organization but myself as well. It was a tremendous learning experience in terms of professional networking. Under the Grant program, I was introduced to the Fundraising aspect of nonprofits. Interning with MRC also taught me the fundamentals behind immigration-law, little did I know the level of bureaucratic complexities that are at stake. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me, I highly recommend students, college-graduates, career-switchers alike to volunteer/intern at MRC. 

Best Wishes and Thank you,
Kristine Suarez

Migration Resource Center regularly engages volunteers and interns to help keep our costs low to the low-income clients we serve. You can help! Click here to find out what is currently available.

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