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MRC’s upcoming tutoring program aims to help those in need to acquire specific skills in education through school. The tutoring services are designed to target disadvantaged and foreign background children and their families in helping children to improve their English and Math skills. We believe there is a need to develop and implement tutoring programs by targeting children in schools with the aim of helping them and their families to navigate the educational system in a better manner.

Our tutoring program is unique because it will provide a one-on-one tutoring session to each enrolled child and will therefore be highly effective. Our immediate goal is to obtain funding to kick start this program.

Citizenship Classes

The US naturalization process includes a test administered by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. Citizenship classes at Migration Resource Center (MRC) assist naturalization seekers in successful completion of this test. This course familiarizes them with US history, prepares them for the testing experience, and aids ESL students who may need general language help.

MRC personnel have substantial experience in the naturalization process and we can help you navigate and overcome barriers to citizenship. MRC is determined to protect your rights and to serve all your immigration needs.

Citizenship Classes | Migration Resource Center

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