The Impacts of Covid on the Immigrant Community

Since the pandemic arose in 2020, many people have been negatively impacted, especially marginalized groups such as immigrants. Everyone was forced into their homes in search of safety. Entry into the United States from the Northern and Southern Border was restricted greatly and travel was deemed unsafe. Immigration proceedings, processings, and authorities were put on hold during this time. This left many immigrants in detention centers stranded. Additionally, undocumented immigrants and some immigrants who were in the United States, were unable to obtain social programs like stimulus checks, food stamps, and health insurance at this time.

As the pandemic continued so did the research on a vaccine. Eventually, the first vaccine was released around January of 2021. However, access to the vaccine was limited. Many undocumented immigrants and immigrants who had jobs on the frontline had little access to healthcare despite having increased exposure to Covid-19. Undocumented immigrants feared traveling to the hospital in order to seek medical care because of the risk of deportation, detention, and more.

This same fear arose when the vaccine became more accessible. The lack and miseducation about the vaccine alongside the mistrust in government caused many immigrants to not get vaccinated. However, immigration authorities have been told to leave the vaccination centers alone. Additionally, in New York City, all immigrants are able to receive medical care regardless of immigration status and ability to pay.

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