Grant Funding Kicks Off New “Immigrant Rights & Responsibilities” Workshops

Migration Resource Center is proud to announce the initiation of a new program. With financial support from the organizations below, we will prepare a series of “Immigrant Rights & Responsibilities” workshops. These are designed to help educate and prepare immigrants for their immigration process. The issues discussed and questions raised by workshop participants will be used to create an “immigration manual.” This manual will be a resource for many organizations that work with immigrants.

This project is made possible in part with grant funding from the following foundations. Migration Resource Center is profoundly grateful for their support.


The Lawrence Foundation is a private family foundation focused on making grants to support environmental, human services and other causes.


Hiram C. and Edith Gemmer created the H.C. Gemmer Family Christian Foundation in 1956. A gift from the estate of H Robert Gemmer provided a substantial increase in 1993. The primary charitable interests of the founders were causes promoting peace, justice, sobriety and racial harmony.


On May 23, 2018, philanthropists Lois and Richard Nicotra gathered with 72 grant recipients. Their Bloomfield social enterprise eatery, the COMMONS Café, awards 100% of the profits in grants and scholarships.  The Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation presented a total of $69,636 in awards. Since 2011, The Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation has awarded $699,500 to more than 355 Staten Island based non-profit organizations and scholarship recipients.

Frederik Stefani (far left) accepts a grant award on behalf of Migration Resource Center.


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