In the Supporter Spotlight: Victor Mora

As a non-profit organization, Migration Resource Center (MRC) is extremely grateful to all who support us in seeking justice for immigrants and other community members who lack the knowledge or financial resources to participate in the legal process. Some volunteer their time, some some provide grants for our programs, some attend our events, and some contribute money. All these actions help enable immigrants and other low-income people to legally live, work and contribute to their communities.

Victor Mora has been a monthly donor for over a year. We truly appreciate his faith in our organization and his on-going support. He has this to say about why he supports Migration Resource Center:

“As a current doctorate student pursuing an academic position at a university, knowledge creation¬†and knowledge dissemination are major components of my current and future roles. Right now, I¬†am passionate about disseminating knowledge that helps inform our perceptions of immigrants.¬†As a person of Hispanic origin and my mother being a naturalized citizen, I am empathetic to¬†plight of the immigrant. People entering this country are hardworking people that want a better¬†life for themselves and their families. The current rhetoric surrounding immigrants is¬†disheartening and misinformed. Research shows that the presence of immigrants improves our¬†public safety as well as providing other positive benefits on our communities‚ÄĒcontrary to what¬†is being said by those currently in power. This country is made of immigrants and Migration¬†Resource Center is helping keep this tradition alive. I chose to donate because MRC is providing¬†way to help under-served people gain legal status in this country. They offer comprehensive¬†immigration legal services, citizenship classes, and they help with the naturalization process. Not¬†only do they provide these practical services, but in an environment that is seemingly hostile to a¬†foreigner‚Äôs presence, there is much to be said when there is someone on your side helping you¬†traverse this intimidating legal system.

— Victor Mora


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