One Immigrant’s Personal Story

Rubenia Cortez gave her personal testimony at
the 3rd Annual Love in Action fundraiser
held February 22, 2019. What follows is a transcript of her speech.
Migration Resource Center exists to help people like Rubenia and
we’re very proud to have been a part of her success story.

by Rubenia Cortez
My name is Rubenia Cortez. I am from El Salvador. I left El Salvador in the middle of civil war. I came to the US to pursue a better life for my family and me. In the beginning, I engaged to work in different places to survive. I was working in a factory for five years. After the factory job, I worked as a housekeeper. It was tough to be in the United States without proper documents, but I had no choice to leave the country because of the war.

In 1997 my daughter was born. I had to work twice as much to raise my daughter. It was tough to be a single mother, without documents, and have a child to raise. I stayed for many years without seeing or meeting my family. I always was anxious about my legal status in the US.

I heard about MRC in 2017 through Channel 47 Telemundo, a Spanish Channel. When I met with Frederik, I was impressed with his work and how he made sure I understand the whole process. He guided me and explained what the outcome might be. I felt good about the experience because I was empowered with information and I was treated with respect.

As a single mother, I was happy to have MRC take care of my case because they have a comprehensive approach. They do care about your whole life. They understand that whatever happens in your life affects your status, so they try to help beyond legal papers. I received my green card now after many years since I came to the US and that was possible only with MRC’s help. Thank you, Frederik and all your team for being part of my journey!

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