MRC Kept Phoenix Family Intact

In May 2017, MRC won a very complicated case that had been in the immigration system for many years. The Phoenix, AZ woman had been in the country more than fifteen years, married to a United States citizen, and with two children born in the US. Twice, the client had attempted to obtain legal status. Immigration denied both and ruled the client inadmissible. As a result, she faced the threat of deportation from the United States.

Her deportation would have been a disaster for her family. MRC and its legal team worked tirelessly on this case by terminating her removal proceedings, winning two waivers, and finally obtaining her Permanent Resident Status in the US. We are proud of our work and the thrilled with the outcome for the client and her family. She can now live a normal life, working and living in the US without fear of being separated from her family. And her children will have their mother.