Meet Erica Mora, MRC Intern

Hello! My name is Erica Mora, and I was born in the Dominican Republic. I’ve been living on Long Island for about 18 years. I am a junior at Villanova University majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. I like to spend time with my family during my free time. I have a deep passion for helping people within my community, particularly those who come from different countries seeking a better life. From a young age I have witnessed first-hand how poorly immigrants are treated within this country. I’ve decided to dedicate my time helping immigrants in any way possible. 

For the last three years I have served as a Spanish interpreter at the Villanova Law School for clients and student attorneys. In addition, I love tutoring. I’ve been an English tutor in Philadelphia teaching immigrants. I’ve also been an English tutor in Rome, Italy teaching and conversing with refugees from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. These experiences have compelled me to focus my passion towards helping immigrants and migrants seek a better and safer life here in the United States.

As an immigration assistant at Migration Resource Center, I have been able to engage with immigrants and migrants at a deep and profound level. I decided to intern with MRC because I believe that immigrants do not receive the right protection and support from our government.  They constantly have to seek help elsewhere. MRC’s mission to provide immigration and tax services provides these communities with the hope and assistance they desperately need. 

By providing these services, MRC is broadening their possibilities here in the United States. Living legally with the correct documentation signifies that families can be united, children can go to school, parents can drive to work safely and work in conditions that are humane with a livable wage. When immigrants do not have the correct legal documentation, they can be subjected to losing out on opportunities that improve the quality of their lives such as healthcare, education, and opportunities to seek careers. 

The work MRC does is genuine. I chose to intern here because right from the interview process I was able to see how much MRC cared about immigrants. The assistance MRC provides is unparalleled. I am very grateful to have this opportunity to learn and grow!