My Internship Experience at MRC

By Tarana Sable, MRC Summer Intern

My internship at the Migration Resource Center was an enlightening exposure to the dynamic, fast-paced field of immigration law. Every day, I passed the Statue of Liberty on my way to an office that embodies the values on the plaque beneath it. I witnessed firsthand the organization’s commitment to taking on challenging cases for minimal costs, and came to realize that its mere existence provides a crucial remedy to the dearth of low-cost legal aid services for immigrants to the United States. 

It’s hard to enumerate all of the things I learned at Migration Resource Center––countless words in Spanish and a couple in Albanian, how to print directly onto an envelope, how to meticulously organize applications in such a way that the government’s questions are answered before they are asked. Above all, I learned persistence, both from clients and from my supervisors. Some clients called so often to speak about an incarcerated family member that I have their phone number memorized; my supervisors matched this spirit of commitment by thinking deeply and creatively about every case. 

Migration Resource Center’s central mission is not only admirable, it is critical. I look forward to watching the organization expand its capacity to serve communities with sustained support from volunteers and donors who share MRC’s vision that justice for all immigrants is not just a lofty aspiration but an achievable obligation.


Migration Resource Center regularly engages volunteers and interns to help keep our costs low to the low-income clients we serve. You can help! Click here to find out what is currently available.

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