Learn with Us! Community Education in Action

Community education has always been in our heart. We care for the community that we are part of, and always aim to do more. Providing immigration and tax legal services is our bread and butter. And since its creation, Migration Resource Center has been visible in the community and served its members to the best of our ability. Some examples:

  • Partner with various organizations
  • Respond to opportunities to volunteer at info tables and fairs
  • Organize and conduct workshops and events.

Community Education for You

Now, it is time to take it to the next level. We want to build a solid structure of giving back to the community. Our new initiative is called Migration Resource Center Learning Center. Here, we offer workshops, classes, and information sessions about various immigration and tax topics that will help you navigate these systems with greater confidence. Empower yourself with relevant information and knowledge about immigration and tax processes.

This year, we plan 15 sessions. And we hope you will join us! Each month will bring to you a different topic. Our next session will be on Saturday, April 24th from 11:00 EST and help you with information about the employment based visa. Do the different employment-based non-immigrant and immigrant visa classifications and other categories for employment authorization confuse you? We want to unpack all of them and make the information available and understandable. Register today to secure your spot!

We’re Here to Help

Migration Resource Center is a nonprofit providing immigration legal services, tax consulting, and tax preparation services for low-income individuals and businesses. In addition, we provide Citizenship Interview and Test Workshops, Taxpayer Workshops, and Personal Finance Workshops both online and in traditional classroom environments each year.

Please contact us at (646) 609-8805 or use our webform to schedule a free immigration consultation.