Celebrating 5 Years!

Celebrating 5 years

2020…What a year! With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to lose sight of the successes, achievements, and milestones in day-to-day life. Migration Resource Center would like to take a moment of your time to bring those back into focus. We want to recognize a milestone achievement. On October 8, 2020, Migration Resource Center celebrates its 5th anniversary, made possible by you, our many clients, donors, interns, volunteers, and staff.

Celebrating 5 Years of Making Client Lives Better

Only about 50% of new businesses make it through their 5th year. We are thrilled to be among them. And we couldn’t have done it without you. Your support across those years has been instrumental in reuniting families, accompanying victims of domestic abuse as they see justice done, upholding low-income taxpayer rights, or welcoming a brand-new US citizen.

Truly, something to celebrate! Over the past 5 years, have had 520 client cases; 386 free consultations; 1,554 dependents of clients; 53 new US Citizens; 83 family-based cases; 32 Asylum-seekers; 24 Violence Against Women Act/domestic abuse; 44 Employment; 77 other visas.

One Client Story

As impressive as we hope you agree these numbers are, that’s not really what’s important. What truly matters is how the lives those numbers represent have changed for the better. Just one, very brief, example of a story behind the numbers: (name omitted to protect privacy)

He came to the US as a minor needing medical treatment for a serious health issue. He stayed to help his family back home. While here, he earned his GED,
found steady employment, and married a US Citizen.
All along, he tried to become a Legal Permanent Resident,
but unscrupulous lawyers took his money and produced no results.
A social worker referred him to MRC and, within a few months,
he had his green card. Now his wife and children
no longer have to worry that he might not return home to them.

We hope you are as proud of these achievements as we are. And we thank you, again, for helping to make it happen!

Frederik Stefani
Migration Resource Center CEO

See our 5 Year Anniversary webpage for updates and more information

throughout our month of celebration!