Case Resolution Reunites Family

October 25, 2017 was a very significant date for a US citizen and her family. It is the day her family could be reunited.

The story started in 2016 when Mohammed arrived from his native Palestine on a student visa. His wife, also originally from Palestine, is a US citizen and their child was born in the United States. In their native country, Mohammed was an educated man and a teacher. He came to the US to advance his education degree. With his student visa expiring, his family faced the very real possibility that he would be forced to return to Palestine, leaving his wife and child behind in the US.

MRC advised and guided Mohammed and his wife through their immigration issues. October 26 was the day Legal Counsel for the client, Frederik Stefani, successfully represented their petition to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Mohammed was granted Legal Permanent Resident status!

Today, he is running a thriving small business. He continues to work toward his goal of joining his wife as a US citizen. He and his wife are contributing to the economy of their family’s adopted community. They are raising and educating their child. They are adding cultural richness and diversity to the fabric of life in their neighborhood.  And, most importantly to his family, they are all together.