Asylee Family, Separated by Persecution, will Reunite

by Alejandra Garcia, Immigration Paralegal

Life presents many challenges. One of¬†Migration Resource Center’s (MRC) major goals is¬†helping families overcome life‚Äôs immigration obstacles. Mrs. N was an asylee from Egypt who came to MRC seeking a green card for herself and her two children. She hoped to build a safer, better life for her family in the United States, away from the religious persecution they faced back in their home country. She also sought consular processing for her two additional children back home in Egypt. Her family is now well on its way to reunite all; mother, children, and siblings. Mrs. N had a complex family situation that needed a lot of help.¬† They not only needed to find a new home, but also be together again.

It took over a year of diligent work, dedication, and many empathetic sessions within our offices, for MRC to secure green cards for Mrs. N and the two children with her in the US. At MRC, we all did our best to not only help Mrs. N get the status she sought, but also have the emotional support she needed to complete the process. We continue to work with her and her family to reunite them with her last two children. It all started with her dream of having her family together again. With MRC’s help, her dream is about to become a reality.

Mrs. N can build a new home in the United States. Here, she can legally support her family, free of the persecution that haunted them in Egypt. And most importantly, they will be together.


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