6 Successful Immigration Cases Create Joyful Families in April

Migration Resource Center’s mission to assist immigrants in stabilizing their legal status and life in the United States is becoming stronger every month. April 2018 was a very successful month, thanks to the support of our funders and individuals who believe in and support our cause.

Some Results Our Legal Staff Efforts

  • Three DACA approvals allow Vineeta, Jaime, and Erjon to continue their work, education, and lives in the US. They are safe from deportation for another two years.
  • Guadalupe’s immigration waiver was approved, reuniting her with her husband and family in the US.
  • Avila and her 5 year old son, with their new Permanent Residency status, are free of the violence in Honduras.
  • Dritan was released from an Immigration Customs and Enforcement detention center in Arizona, and reunited with his children in Phoenix, AZ.

We are proud of our work and dedication to assist, represent, and educate immigrants in the United States.


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