When Immigration Works, It Looks Like This: Family Reunited, Legally

With all the talk of immigration, detention/deportation, and border walls… Have you ever wondered what the immigration process is supposed to look like?

Last month, with Migration Resource Center’s help, the immigration process worked…through lawful petition and legal argument, a woman entered the United States as an authorized immigrant. This is her story. Details are changed to protect her privacy.

Maria was living in Mexico with an adult son who has medical needs. Her husband (a Legal Permanent Resident in the US), along with 2 other adult children (both US citizens), supported the rest of their family while they were all in two different countries. They just wanted to be together and build a better life for their family.

They’re good, hard-working, honest people. They spent years apart, trying to save up the money for the immigration process; to escape the gang violence in Mexico and reunite them all in the U.S. They worked so hard for this opportunity at legal immigrant status. If they missed one step it could have all fallen apart. MRC helped ensure that they properly filled out the forms, fulfilled the requirements, and followed the rules. MRC litigated on behalf of Maria and was with her at every step of the process.

Today, Maria is in the US on an immigrant visa. Her family is together in the United States. She is close to her children and grandchildren. Legally.


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