Checking Your Case Status and Processing Times Online

Once we have submitted your case and you have been waiting for over a few months or even years, some of our clients feel anxiety and pressure because their case is taking such a long time. On numerous occasions, we get phone calls asking why their case is taking so long. On most occasions, we assure our clients that nothing is wrong with their case and explain that there is just an agency-wide backlog.

Nevertheless, recently, the USCIS communicated that they are committed “to improve transparency, efficiency, and customer service, the changes also make it easier for individuals to get an immediate answer on when they can make an inquiry into their case.”

Below, we provide a quick tutorial on checking your Case Status and Processing Times. Before you start, you will need your receipt notice as it will provide you with most of the required information.

First, it is advisable to check your case status to see if there are any updates on your specific case.

Case Status:


To obtain your latest case status, you will need to enter your receipt notice.

Processing Times:


Furthermore, instead of providing a range, they currently display a single 80th percentile processing time. Nevertheless, all cases are unique; some will be processed faster than others.

We invite you to try to use the new tool. The requested information can be located on your receipt notice.


In addition, once the range is provided, the USCIS provides a tool to see if your case is well outside the processing time listed.

Once you provide your receipt date and the date is outside the processing time, you can submit a Service Request Online.

If you have any specific concerns about our case or any changes over the last few months/years, please reach out. Migration Resource Center views each case as unique; therefore, it is essential to consult with legal counsel before starting your case as some other options may be available. Of course, you may always contact us to begin your consultation. Please call us at (646) 609-8805 or use the link to schedule a free immigration consultation.

By: Tom De Kesel, MRC Immigration Attorney –  May 17, 2022