Migration Resource Center (MRC) is helping more than one hundred active clients annually from around the world. We focus on qualified clients whose cases may not be accepted by other firms because of case complications and/or their limited ability to pay for services. MRC has overtime built a level of trust with the immigrant community and the education program will further enhance this trust.

Outreach to the community is one of the key priorities for MRC and we continue to participate in various community events to show and tell stories as well as educate the masses about the programs available to them. Awareness is the key to finding the right solution and therefore MRC believes in not only helping the needful but also educating them for a better life. MRC’s blog is yet another way for us to reach out to the community and create awareness digitally.

Outreach Program | Migration Resource Center

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If you are an immigrant and cannot afford an immigration attorney MRC can provide free or low cost immigration advice or legal services.

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